Pet Wellness Exams in Jacksonville and Orange Park

Did you know that your cat or dog needs regular pet wellness exams? In Jacksonville and Orange Park, our caring veterinarians monitor the results of your pet's annual checkups for early identification of issues that could affect your pet's health. Proactive veterinary care doesn't just treat illness but helps us detect irregularities before they lead to a more expensive treatment. Plus, the earlier our veterinarians can detect a potential health problem, the easier it is to customize a treatment plan based on the pet's hereditary factors, age, medical history and lifestyle.

It's About More Than Peace of Mind

We know you want the best for your cat or dog. That's why we recommend that twice a year each pet receives pet wellness exams in Jacksonville and Orange Park. Delaying care can complicate matters, endanger your pet's health, reduce the number of options the veterinarian can offer and increase the overall costs of treatment. So, prevention is about more than peace of mind. Prevention is everything and pet wellness exams are paramount to early detection and preventative healthcare.

Preventive Veterinary Care

When you choose our Jacksonville animal hospital, your cat or dog will always receive the best veterinary care possible. During pet wellness exams, our veterinarians and staff focus primarily on the prevention of illness and management of health conditions through:

  • Complete Physical Examination
  • Ear and Eye Examination
  • Heart and Lung Analysis
  • Baseline Blood Work
  • Temperature Reading
  • Abdominal Palpation
  • Dental Examination
  • Dermatological Exam
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Heartworm Tests
  • Intestinal Parasite Screenings
  • Vaccinations
  • Use of Pest Preventatives
  • Ongoing Nutrition

Prevention is about peace of mind in knowing that you are monitoring the pet wellness care of your beloved friends. Through our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and caring individuals, it is our goal to help you keep your pet healthy by offering the highest quality veterinary services and pet wellness exams. 

Why Age Matters for Puppies & Kittens

For puppies and kittens, the first year of veterinary care is tailored to their specific needs. Just like children, puppies and kittens require additional checkups and vaccine boosters to ensure that they get the very best start in life. Due to their immature immune systems, puppies and kittens must receive a series of properly staged vaccines. At PrimeVET, our vaccination recommendations are based on their lifestyle and/or breed and according to the suggested guidelines. Our veterinarians will also discuss and recommend other services that can lead to a longer and healthier life for your kitten or puppy, such as spaying and neutering or microchipping.

Why Age Matters for Older Cats & Dogs

Since dogs and cats age faster than humans, your older animal or any pet considered "at risk" may need more frequent visits to monitor their health throughout their senior years. Dogs are considered senior pets by the age six and cats are considered senior pets by the age seven. "At risk" pets are those of any age that are living with ongoing health conditions. Due to a more rapid progression of age for dogs and cats, their dietary needs can change quickly. Pets that are overweight or obese are at increased risk for many of the same diseases affecting overweight humans, including heart disease, diabetes and joint problems.

We know that your dog, cat or exotic animal is more than just a pet, it is a valued member of your family. If you live in Orange Park, Fleming Island, Argyle Forest, Doctors Lake, Green Cove Springs, Ortega Hills or Oak Leaf Plantation and need a trusted veterinary clinic to care for your pets, then look no further than PrimeVET. Our modern and inviting facility boasts superb veterinarians and a caring staff that are dedicated to our patients, their owners and the community. Call 904-644-7876 today to schedule your pet's appointment at PrimeVET.