Daytime Boarding

If you are like most pet parents, you would rather stay home every day and play with your dog or cat. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. But, PrimeVET Animal Hospital is here to help. We provide a safe, fun facility so your pet can enjoy their day without being left all alone. Our pet specialists are passionate about making sure your cat or dog enjoys the safest, most engaging environment possible. If you haven't seen our new facilities, stop by and take a tour of our beautiful 5,000 square-foot pet-centric building. We don't just offer daytime boarding in Orange Park, we are caring pet lovers, too.

Doggy Daycare...  for Cats, Too!

Our doggy daycare is a fun alternative to leaving your dog home alone. After a day of exercising and interacting with their four-legged friends, they are ready to spend a relaxing night with their family. The stimulation of being around other dogs satisfies their daily need for mental alertness and natural curiosity. Because you are a responsible dog lover, you should be aware that some doggy daycare facilities operate without proper education or written policies regarding safe group play. At PrimeVET, dogs are never put in a room or yard with unfamiliar animals. Our staff members understand the in and outs of healthy pet socialization.

Daytime Boarding Amentities & Services

  • Flexible Drop Off And Pick Up Times
  • Organized Activities
  • Supervised by Our Attentive Staff
  • Complementary Meals
  • Safe Pet Assessment at Check-In
  • Medication Dispensing
  • 24/7 Veterinarian Care
  • Temperature Controlled Playroom
  • Play Equipment & Engaging Toys

Daytime boarding is something your pet should look forward too. Here at PrimeVET Animal Hospital, we know dogs love to please and perform, so our pet care specialists provide fun-filled activities throughout the day. Dogs with minor behavioral issues, such as chewing or digging, burn more energy at doggy daycare during supervised activities and pack play, which means a calmer dog for you at home. Plus, our specialist will assess each pet's temperament and style of play to be sure he or she is properly socialized to be part of a perfect group. And, pet play is monitored at all times by our qualified staff.