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Canine Hip Dysplasia Affects Millions of Dogs

February 28, 2017

Canine hip dysplasia is a common skeletal disease that can cause pain and mobility issues for any breed. It is a veterinary condition related to looseness in a hip joint that would otherwise be...

National Pet Dental Health Month

February 15, 2017

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) encourages all pet owners to celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month by recognizing the need for improved dental health for their pet. To get...

PrimeVet Welcomes Millennial Pet Owners

January 25, 2017

The popularity of millennial bashing has led to many unfair and uncalled for stereotypical remarks. Truth is there are approximately 75 million millennials that love their pets just as much as any...

Is It Time to Take Your Cat to the Vet?

January 13, 2017

Many cat owners dread that time of year when it is time to take their feline friend to the vet. First, you have to drag the carrier out of the garage and dust it off. Then all hope that the cat...

Getting Started with Your New Puppy

December 22, 2016

It's that time of year when many people get a new puppy. Maybe as a parent you decided to let Santa make your child's wish come true. On the other hand, maybe you decided to give yourself a...

Make Sure the Holidays Are Safe for Your Pets

December 16, 2016

Yes, it is that time of year again. Everyone is hastily rushing "to and fro" trying to get things done for the Holidays. Tree stands filled with water, holiday light chords, enticing shiny...

Are Sugar Substitutes Dangerous for Dogs?

November 18, 2016

There is a lot of good information to be found online but even more bad information related to pets and the dangers of sugar substitutes. Unfortunately, many pet owners and even some pet health...

When Is Florida's Flea Season?

November 15, 2016

Unfortunately, fleas are hardy parasites that, like many retirees who are attracted to Florida's warm and humid climate, tend to love the First Coast weather. In fact, fleas in our area can...

What Is Canine Influenza Virus?

April 21, 2016

There are many causes of kennel cough, both bacterial and viral. Canine influenza virus (CIV) is one of the viral causes of kennel cough. This highly contagious respiratory disease has...

Easter Pet Poisons

March 24, 2016

The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline receive hundreds of calls this time of year from pet owners and veterinarians concerning cats that have ingested Easter lilies. “Unbeknownst to...


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