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Does Your Dog Have Kennel Cough?

October 5, 2018

Although a runny nose, sneezing and low-grade fever are common symptoms of the disease, an unmistakable honking cough is the most telltale sign that your dog has kennel cough. While Bordetella is...

Can a Dog Remember a Littermate?

October 4, 2018

Although a dog's memory is not like a human's, it does share crucial DNA with the wolves from which dogs descended. Considering dogs are still pack animals, it is logical to assume that the longer...

Health Tips for Diving Dogs

September 18, 2018

If you are an adult swimmer, you probably don't spend a lot of time in your pool retrieving objects from the bottom. Although many dogs prefer to fish his or her ball out of the water with their...

Should You Be the One to Bathe Your Dog?

September 11, 2018

If bath time for your dog is total chaos, you might want to read our collection of helpful tips. After all, dogs don't seem to mind living a smelly life near as much as they dislike being bathed....

Problems That Can Cause Your Dog Grief

August 15, 2018

Since your best friend can't speak, it is often difficult to tell when they are uncomfortable or feeling pain from natural aging. As a pet lover, you never want your dog to suffer in silence from...

Can True Friendship Develop Between Pets?

August 7, 2018

The old notion that dogs and cats can't live together in peace and harmony is simply bogus. Truth is most can. However, there may be some preparation and time needed for them to get acquainted....

Do All Dogs Know How to Swim?

July 24, 2018

No, not all breeds of dogs can swim. Going for a summer splash with your dog can be a fun activity but pools and larger bodies of water can put your pet at risk for injuries. Although most canines...

Time to Book Your Pet Boarding for Summer

July 24, 2018

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or simply needs special attention and tender loving care while you are away, the pet care specialists at PrimeVET's animal boarding facility...

Does Your Pet Need Glasses?

June 15, 2018

Do you know how well your dog can see? Surprisingly, your dog may not see as well as you might think. While perfect vision for a human is 20/20, a dog's average visual acuity is around 20/75....

Planning a Trip with Your Cat

June 14, 2018

If you have been planning to take a trip with your cat, it helps to know what to expect. For example, cats like following a routine, cats do not like change, cats tend to prefer the safety of...


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