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Why Leash Training Is Important for Every Dog

January 4, 2019

So... you got a new pet over the holidays and are eager to teach your best friend all the things he or she needs to know. Starting with come, sit and stay, guarantees you will have the basics commands down before you begin the broader "socialization" process. Nonetheless, many dog owners fail to recognize the importance of leash training their pet. Fact is all dogs regardless of size, age or breeds should be taught good leash skills for both your dog's safety as well as your own.

Fortunately, for our canine friends, many establishments are being proactive in catering to consumers to do not like to leave their dog at home. Local coffee shops and sidewalk cafes offer outside seating to encourage you stop by with your best friend for quick cup and bite of food. Big box pet stores started a trend with wide concrete aisles designed to allow a pet to shop like a kid in a toy store. Moreover, as a pet owner, you should be able to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood as well as to a crowded veterinary office without becoming entangled in the leash.

You also should make a commitment to provide your dog with plenty of exercise in addition to their daily potty break. Young dogs need an hour of exercise each day and do not expect them to create their own routine just because you have a fenced back yard. In fact, some breeds like those used for hunting or herding may require much more walking and far less sofa time. Although it depends on their age and health, your dog needs lots of daily stimulation. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you walk your dog at least fifteen minutes twice a day.

It is important, as a dog owner, that you understand the different uses for the numerous types of collars and leashes sold online and in pet stores. A 30-foot telescoping leash may be ideal for a weekend picnic at a local park but it is not what you need for basic leash training or sidewalk walks. For training, a 6-foot British-style slip lead serves as a leash and collar in one and the sliding leather guard controls the collar diameter. Always be aware of your energy and body language, as you are communicating as the pack leader with your pet through the lead.

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