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Health Tips for Diving Dogs

September 18, 2018

If you are an adult swimmer, you probably don't spend a lot of time in your pool retrieving objects from the bottom. Although many dogs prefer to fish his or her ball out of the water with their paw, some love diving to the bottom just as much as kids do. A fact that caused photographer Seth Casteel's extraordinary gallery of digital images of dogs diving underwater to become a viral sensation a few years ago. Millions have marveled at the wild-eyed, intense looks that Casteel captured, as different breeds were rendered weightless while retrieving a toy. This near weightless condition allows lips to go flying with eyelids peeled back and rows of canine teeth exposed.

But... Is Diving Underwater Potentially Harmful for Your Pet

Whether it is sub-surface swimming in the backyard pool or dock diving into a local lake, each type of water (both fresh and salty) hold different perils for your best friend. Assuming chlorine levels are normally kept in a range that is safe for humans to swim, dogs may be more susceptible to pool chemicals because their nose, eyes and ears are more sensitive. Although lake water is usually much more natural, it also means it is filled with parasites and bacteria. For beach goers, salt water can burn your dog's eyes, ruin a perfectly good hair day, and should not be digested in large quantities. The key to a fun day in the water is to address your best friend's needs as soon as the fun is done.

Take a Few Minutes to Protect Your Pet's Health

Even though water can harbor dangerous bacteria, algae and chemicals, unless your dog ingests large quantities of water, chances are good that they will not suffer any complications. Moreover, a good hosing off followed by a timely bath using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will take care of their skin and coat. It is important to pack plenty of drinking water and offer your dog a bowl of fresh water often to prevent them from drinking from the pool, lake or ocean. In healthy dogs, his or her ears may be the most vulnerable to infection, so clean and dry both ears thoroughly. It is most often dampness that leads to an ear infection and not the exposure to chemicals or microorganisms.

In closing, there is very little difference in managing your dog's needs after a dip in the water as there is in taking care of your kids. As for capturing your own spectacular images, a waterproof GoPro-like camera could take your furry friend's underwater expressions viral.

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