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July 23, 2015

The Importance of PrimeVet’s Pet Wellness Exams in Orange Park, FL

Allergies, obesity, gum disease, parasites, etc. The list of health problems that pets are at risk for goes on and on, but there ARE ways to prevent many of these issues. As partners in your pet’s health care, the veterinary team at PrimeVet in Orange Park, FL recommends that you bring your dog or cat in for an annual or bi-annual comprehensive wellness exam. These exams allow us to examine your pet from nose to tail to ensure that they’re healthy and determine if any symptoms are present that could indicate an illness or infection.

What Does the Pet Wellness Exam Consist Of?

The pet wellness exam is essentially a comprehensive physical evaluation of your pet. Your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, and health status determine the specifics of the exam, but a standard exam here at PrimeVet typically includes a check of the following:

  • Weight and temperature
  • Skin and coat/fur
  • Eyes, nose, and ears
  • Teeth and gums
  • Heart and lungs
  • Legs, abdomen, and anal sac

 If we detect certain conditions during the pet wellness exam that cannot be fully diagnosed with the naked eye, such as pain, abdominal swelling, or unexplained weight loss, we may recommend a diagnostic exam in the form of digital X-rays and/or lab work.

 How Can I Save on My Pet’s Wellness Exam in Orange Park, FL?

 One of our goals here at PrimeVet is to help make your pet’s care more affordable, which is why we’re offering a discount on pet wellness exams. For a limited time, your pet can receive a wellness exam for only $25. That’s $15 off the normal price! Please note, this discount is intended for the physical exam only and does not include any additional services, such as vaccinations. Give us a call today at (904) 269-0500 to take advantage of this $15 pet wellness exam discount!


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