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Is It Time for a Trip to the Dog Park?

January 16, 2018

With leash laws being enforced in most areas of North Florida, allowing your dog to run free is becoming increasingly restrictive. However, that is probably a good thing. Even a sidewalk stroll through your neighborhood has certain roadway perils and usually infringes upon someone else's property. In most cases, the local dog park is a much safer place for both you and your pet to relax and enjoy being outside. Public or fee-based dog parks allow dogs to get ample off-leash exercise and interact socially with other dogs. When your best friend gets an appropriate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation, they are far less likely to exhibit troublesome behaviors.

Dog parks are also a great place for dog lovers to gather and enjoy time with each other. The key is to find a park that is well suited for both you and your dog. Most dog parks in our area require the "being" (that's you) to be present at all times. This prevents less-involved owners from dumping their pet at the park. Moreover, it is important to follow all dog park rules, which are typically posted at the entrance gate or along the inside fencing. Pet poop always needs to be properly disposed of and pet treats as well as human food is prohibited to prevent unwanted altercations. Leashes are usually not allowed inside the park. This allows you and your dog to move about freely without being tied to one end of a leash.

If your pet seems afraid of other dogs or other people, the local dog park provides an excellent environment where your dog can socialize with both. It is always prudent to take things one-step at a time but you might be surprised how quickly your best friend comes out of their shell. Watching dogs play, meeting new people, getting routine exercise and enjoying the fresh air are just a few of the advantages you'll gain by making trips to the dog park a part of your routine. So, call PrimeVET today to schedule a checkup. Our caring veterinarian will review your dog's shot records and make recommendations to ensure your best friend is well protected. Be sure to keep a copy with you and use a collar that displays any required tags.


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