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Be Smart and Protect Your Pet in Hot Weather

July 6, 2017

The weather in the Sunshine State can be hot during any season. At least hot enough to cause irreversible damage or death to a pet left in an unattended vehicle. According to the U.S. Humane Society, in 30 minutes or less, the temperature inside a passenger car can climb to 120 degrees Fahrenheit when its only 85 degrees outside. Moreover, leaving the vehicle's windows partially cracked does not solve the problem. Without plenty of fresh, clean water to drink, cats, dogs and exotics can dehydrate quickly.

Like humans, pets have a limited ability to deal with extreme temperatures. However, humans can sweat through their skin to help regulate body temperature but most animals can only release heat by panting or through the pads in their paws, so limit time walking on hot pavement. Of particular concern, are pets with flat faces, such as Pugs or Persian cats. These animals cannot pant as effectively making them more susceptible to heat stroke. The heat can also be dangerous for pets that are overweight, elderly or suffer from a veterinary condition. So, try to avoid the hottest parts of the day and ensure your furry friend has fresh, cool water to drink.

Although cats usually don't get excited about open spaces, taking Fido to the beach can be a great way to spend time with your dog. However, all the dangers mentioned above and a few more apply. Again, it is crucial to take fresh water with you and stop frequently to offer your pet a drink. It is also important to keep your dog from slurping down seawater. The salt content will make them sick causes a greater risk of dehydration. Since the cool ocean water and cool beach sand may be too tempting to avoid, be sure wash your pet off with fresh water. Running and swimming are great exercise but don't overdo it at the beach, as both can be exhausting.

It is often an overwhelming task to watch over a pet on a vacation or during a summertime trip. Here at PrimeVet, we love pets and have new facilities for boarding cats, dogs and exotics for a day trip or extended stay. Moreover, you can relax on your vacation knowing your pets are in great hands with a caring veterinarian on call 24/7. If your pet is due a checkup, it is also a good time to schedule an appointment with one of our caring veterinarians.

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