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Jacksonville Animal Hospital

Where Your Pets Are Treated Like Our Own

At PrimeVet Animal Hospital in Orange Park, we are committed to going above and beyond the call of duty for our patients and their loving owners. Our veterinarians as well as our dedicated veterinary team, share their love for animals with you and desire to give your pet the very best. Our desire to provide education and options to pet owners about their pet’s needs is one of the many things that sets us apart. Visit our Orange Park veterinary clinic for answers to all your questions and pet health care concerns. We provide the latest support for pet owners and take care of your pet’s health from puppyhood (and kittenhood) through their golden years.

Proactive veterinary care doesn't mean to simply treat illnesses in a timely manner, but to eliminate key problems before they occur. Once you meet with one of our caring veterinarians, she will also discuss other services, such as the

importance of dental care or microchipping. During an annual checkup at our Jacksonville animal hospital, our team will assess the pet's overall health status, ensure they are up to date on all core vaccinations and discuss any pertinent lifestyle issues like diet andexercise.

We believe the standard of care your dog or cat deserves requires close attention to detail, and encompasses all the things you should be doing for your pet. Our 5,000-square foot Jacksonville animal hospital is equipped to provide exceptional treatment options for a variety of pet health needs. We take great pride in our pet care facility, it is also well equipped and excellently staffed to provide complete vet services to your pet and incredible client care to you. Our warm and inviting Orange Park veterinary clinic boasts superb veterinarians and caring support staff that are dedicated to our patients, clients, and community.

Wellness Care

The primary function of your pet's veterinary care is to keep them happy and healthy. Because your pet ages at a more rapid pace, routine wellness exams and annual vaccinations are a very important part of ensuring a long and happy life. At our veterinary hospital, we also provide preventative treatments and medications as needed to ensure complete wellness for pets of all ages and health conditions.


When it comes to treating your pet's health concerns, veterinary diagnostics are the most important first step. We take great pride in the exceptional tools we utilize at PrimeVet. Without complete diagnostics, proper treatment cannot be administered. We make diagnosing and treating your pet a priority so that they can get back on the road to good health as quickly as possible.


Surgery may occasionally be necessary for the treatment of a pet's condition. When anesthetizing and operating on your pet, we closely monitor cardiac activity, hydration and other vital signs to ensure your pet receives the highest level of veterinary care. At our Orange Park animal hospital, we provide exceptional surgical services to all pets.


When your pet has bad breath, there are often underlying oral conditions that need to be addressed. Dental disease is often characterized by bad breath, as well as bleeding or swollen gums, loose teeth, problems chewing, and more. In order to keep track of your pet's ongoing oral health, we recommend regular check-ups, at least once per year.


We Treat Your Pets Like Family

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